Elena Lolli

PhD Student in Jewish Studies, University of Bologna (Italy) in co-tutorship with École Pratique des Hautes Études at Sorbonne (Paris).


  • Two-year MSc Programme in Art History and Preservation of the Artistic Heritage (Magna cum laude), University of Bologna, Italy.
  • BSc in Historical-Artistic and Musical Heritage, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • High School Diploma, High School specializing in languages (French, English, German and Latin), Liceo “F. Trisi and L. Graziani”, Lugo (Ra), Italy.

Current Academic Position:

PhD Student in Jewish Studies, University of Bologna (Italy) in co-tutorship with École Pratique des Hautes Études at Sorbonne (Paris).

The work for my Ph.D. thesis is performed at University of Bologna (Italy) and École Pratique des Hautes Études at Sorbonne (Paris) with Mauro Perani as my primary advisor and Judith Olszowy-Schlanger as my co-advisor. My doctoral research concerns the study of Jewish life and culture in Lugo (Italy) thanks to a careful examination of the Pinqas ha-nifṭarim or ‘The Book of the Dead’ of the same community, a source of great importance compiled in Hebrew between 1658 and 1825 and currently stored in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York.


Other Affiliations:

May-Jun 2018

Library Stock Helper at Summertown Library, South Parade, Summertown Oxford OX2 7JN, United Kingdom

Apr 2018-Jul 2018

General Angus Volunteer at Angus Library and Archive – Regent’s Park College, Pusey Street, Oxford OX1 2LB, United Kingdom.

Jan 2018-Current

Student Membership of the European Association for Jewish Studies – 109 Clarendon Institute Building, Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HG, United Kingdom.

Nov 2017-May 2018

Visiting Researcher at Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BG, United Kingdom.

Sep 2017-Current

Membership of the scientific committee of Italian-Israeli Association of Romagna, Piazza Baracca 24 48022 Lugo, Ravenna (Italy).

Apr 2017-Current

Membership of the Italian Association for the Jewish Studies (AISG) – Dipartimento Beni Culturali, Via degli Ariani 1, 48121 Ravenna (Italy).

Jan-Mar 2017

Visiting Scholar at École Pratique des Hautes Études, Sorbonne – Patios Saint-Jacques, 4-14 rue Ferrus, 75014 Paris.

Jan-Mar 2016

Visiting Scholar at Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Clarendon Institute Building, Oxford OX1 2HG, United Kingdom.

Oct 2015-Current

Membership of SAPRAT – Savoirs et Pratiques du Moyen Âge au XIXe siècle, 45-47 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris.


Employment History:

Nov 2018

Researcher of the Project ‘Tikkoun Sofrim: Digitization of HTR (Handwritten Text Recognition) Hebrew Manuscript by Adaptive Crowdsourcing’, by Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra with Moshe Lavee (University of Haifa). Tasks: to analyze and annotate Hebrew manuscript layout with GIMP and transcribe manuscripts.

Aug-Oct 2018

Researcher of the European project ‘Books within books: Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries’.Currently I am a member of the European research group that deals with the finding, cataloging and dissemination of knowledge on the phenomenon of re-employment of medieval Jewish manuscripts recovered from book bindings and notarial files. For more information see www.hebrewmanuscripts.com.

Feb 2014-Feb 2015

Archivist and Editor at University of Bologna. National Service at the Laboratory of Jewish Epigraphy and Codicology of the Department of Cultural Heritage-University of Bologna under the supervision of Prof. Mauro Perani. The role included the following responsibilities: filing and archiving, data entry, reading Hebrew handwritings in ancient manuscripts, translate from Hebrew, editing, photocopying and scanning, document checking and other admin duties.

Jul 2013-Sep 2014

Journalist at “Nuovo Diario Messaggero”, Imola (Bo), Italy. Editor, archivist, collaborator, participation at press conferences, editorial board meetings, realization of interviews and articles. Support commercial, promotional and advertising at XXIV Biennale Exhibition of Agriculture, Industry and Crafts - Lugo.

Oct-Dec 2011

Training Guide Tour at Art Museum of Ravenna, Italy.

Jul-Aug 2011

Guide Tour at Get Up & Go, 27 Wolseley Cl, Plymouth, Devon, PL2 3 BY. Guide of a group of 4 guys with critical situation, cognitive and Down syndrome.


Librarian assistant Trainee at Library - Museum “C. Venturini”, Massa Lombarda (Ra), Italy.


Other professional experience:


Collaboration at University of Bologna for the organization of the International Congress AISG 2014 ‘Isacco Lampronti. Medico, codificatore ed enciclopedista ferrarese’.

Honours and Awards:

Dec 2017

Winner of the Research Grant “Marco Polo” of University of Bologna (Italy) for my PhD research at Bodleian Libraries, Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BG, United Kingdom.

Jul 2015

Winner of a full founded Grant for a PhD position in Jewish Studies at University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus (Italy).

Sep 2014-Apr 2015

Scholarship holder at “Fondazione G. delle Fabbriche”, Faenza (Ra), Italy.

Mar 2013

My MSc thesis was awarded the right to be published.

Jul 2011

Winner of the European Mobility Grant “Get Up and Go! 2”.



Mother tongue: Italian. Other languages: English (good); French (good); Biblical Hebrew (working knowledge); Modern Hebrew (working knowledge); German (basic knowledge); Latin (working knowledge); Jewish Aramaic (working knowledge); Judeo Italian (working knowledge).

IT Skills: Proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office Package, publishing application InDesign CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6.



Apr-Jun 2018

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Level 1 – City of Oxford College, Oxpens Road, Oxford OX1 1SA



Jan-Mar 2016

Modern Hebrew Ulpan with Prof. D. Herskowitz – Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.



Jan-Mar 2016

Biblical Hebrew Ulpan with Prof. S. Herring – Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.





Intensive Hebrew Palaeography Course held by Prof. Judith Schlanger and Prof. Mauro Perani at University of Bologna-Laboratory of Jewish Codicology.




Library Science and History of the Book Master Course; I took an optional exam in the last year of Master’s with Professor Baldacchini, ex director of Malatestiana Library, Cesena, Italy.



Apr-Jun 2012

Course of Cataloguing, School of Arts and Crafts “A. Pescarini”, Bagnacavallo (Italy).



Apr 2004

German Language Course, Inlingua Sprachschule, Neuer Markt 1, 1010 Wien.


List of Publications:


  1. Lolli, E., ‘A good Wife is a great blessing’. Female portraits through the Lugo di Romagna Jewish Community’s Register of the dead (1658-1825), forthcoming.


  1. Lolli, E., The Ḥevrat Gemilut Ḥasadim of Lugo and the death recordings of two distinguished fellows: Rabbis Avraham Dawid and Šelomoh Yaḥyah, «Materia Giudaica» XXIII (2018),pp. 131-140.


  1. Lolli, E., L’atto di morte del rabbino di Lugo Yiṣḥaq Berekyah da Fano III (1676-1750). Note per una ricostruzione biografica, «Materia Giudaica» XXII (2017), pp. 151-158.


  1. Lolli, E., Il tragico decesso di due rabbini lughesi nel 1666 Šelomoh Fano e Yosef Yaḥyah, «Materia Giudaica» XX-XXI (2015-2016), pp. 165-177.


  1. Lolli, E., Il terremoto del 1688 risparmiò la comunità ebraica lughese, «Il Nuovo Diario Messaggero», 14 marzo 2015, n. 10, p. 24.


  1. Lolli, E., «Per trarli dalle tenebre dell’ignoranza». Nuovi documenti sulle prediche coatte agli ebrei di Lugo nel Settecento, «Materia Giudaica» XIX 1-2 (2014), pp. 103-116;
  2. Lolli, E., Vita ebraica a Lugo nei verbali delle sedute consiliari degli anni 1670-1759, «Materia Giudaica» XIX 1-2 (2014), pp. 455-468.


Selected poster presentation:

Oct 2018

Participation in the conference in honor of the Jewish economist Gustavo Del Vecchio (1883-1972) in Lugo (Ra), Italy.

Sep 2018

Participation to the «XXXII International Congress AISG-Nuovi contributi e ricerche sulla storia e la cultura dell’Ebraismo» in Ravenna (Italy) delivering a lecture on the topic ‘«A Good Wife is a Great Blessing». Female Portraits through the Register of the Dead of the Jewish Community of Lugo di Romagna (1658-1825)’, which will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Sep 2017

Participation to the «XXXI International Congress AISG-New Studies on Judaism» in Ravenna delivering a lecture, published in the proceedings of the conference.

Jun 2017

Participation to the European Academy of Religion (UARE) 2017 Ex Nihilo Zero Conference in Bologna delivering a lecture on the topic «A historical source of unexpected wealth: the death register of the Jews of Lugo (1658-1825)».

Feb 2016

For the Yom Limmud Seminar in Jewish Studies at the Oxford Chabad Society I lectured on the topic «Jewish life and culture in Lugo di Romagna in the minute books and in the Pinqas ha-nifṭarim Qahal Qadosh Lugo (1658-1825)».

Oct 2013

Participation to the «XXVII International Congress on the strategies and regulations for the conversion of Jews» in Ravenna delivering a lecture, published in the proceedings of the conference; public presentation of my MA thesis, European Day of Jewish Culture 2013, Library “F. Trisi”, Lugo.

Dec 2011

Public presentation of my research aimed to reconstructing the architectural history, the events and reuse of the “Loggetta Lombardesca” in Ravenna.

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