Elena Lolli

Joint PhD in Jewish Studies, University of Bologna - École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris


  • Joint PhD in Jewish Studies, University of Bologna - École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris (Magna cum laude; title of research doctorate from both institutions).
  • MSc in Art History and Preservation of the Artistic Heritage (Magna cum laude), University of Bologna.
  • BSc in Historical-Artistic and Musical Heritage, University of Bologna.


Research experience:

 2020 – Current

Postdoctoral researcher - University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

2019 – 2020

Postdoctoral researcher - Foundation for Jewish Cultural Heritage in Italy, Rome.

2018 – Current

Postdoctoral researcher - École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

Researcher of the Project 'Sofer Mahir. Automatic Transcription of Manuscripts for an Open Source Library of Ancient Rabbinic Compositions' by Prof. Stökl Ben Ezra.

Member of the French-Israeli Project 'Tikkoun Sofrim' aimed at making Medieval Hebrew manuscripts openly and freely available as texts. The project is combining automatic Handwritten Text-Recognition (HTR) and Crowdsourcing.


Visiting Researcher - École Pratique des Hautes Études – Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Researcher of the European project 'Books within books: Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries'. Finding, cataloging and dissemination of knowledge on the phenomenon of re-employment of medieval Jewish manuscripts recovered from book bindings and notarial files.


PhD Research, University of Bologna - École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

PhD dissertation: The Book of the Dead of the Jewish community of Lugo di Romagna for the years 1658-1825 (Ms. New York, JTS, n. 3960). Supervisor: Prof. Mauro Perani. Co-advisor: Prof. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger.



Winner of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant from the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe.


Winner of the Research Grant of the Foundation for Jewish Cultural Heritage in Italy for the preparation of an original research.


Winner of a Prize of the Department for the Cultural Heritage of Bologna University for the publication of my PhD thesis as a monograph.


Winner of the Research Grant “Marco Polo” of University of Bologna for my PhD research at Bodleian Libraries, Oxford.


Winner of a full founded Grant for a PhD position in Jewish Studies at University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus.


Scholarship holder at “Fondazione G. delle Fabbriche”, Faenza (Ra), Italy.


My MSc thesis was awarded the right to be published.


Winner of the European Mobility Grant “Get Up and Go! 2”.

List of Publications:


Lolli, E., Il Libro dei morti della Comunità Ebraica di Lugo di Romagna per gli anni 1658-1825, Giuntina, Firenze, 2020. [Book]

Lolli, E.La casa del rabbino. Momenti di vita ebraica nella Lugo di fine Settecento, «Romagna Arte e Storia». [Journal article, soon to be published]


Lolli, E., ‘A good Wife is a great blessing’. Female portraits through the Lugo di Romagna Jewish Community’s Register of the dead (1658-1825), «Materia Giudaica» XXIV (2019), pp. 99-106. [Journal article]


Lolli, E., The Ḥevrat Gemilut Ḥasadim of Lugo and the death recordings of two distinguished fellows: Rabbis Avraham Dawid and Šelomoh Yaḥyah, «Materia Giudaica» XXIII (2018), pp. 131-140. [Journal article]


Lolli, E., L’atto di morte del rabbino di Lugo Yiṣḥaq Berekyah da Fano III (1676-1750). Note per una ricostruzione biografica, «Materia Giudaica» XXII (2017), pp. 151-158. [Journal article]


Lolli, E., Il tragico decesso di due rabbini lughesi nel 1666 Šelomoh Fano e Yosef Yaḥyah, «Materia Giudaica» XX-XXI (2015-2016), pp. 165-177. [Journal article]


Lolli, E., Il terremoto del 1688 risparmiò la comunità ebraica lughese, «Il Nuovo Diario Messaggero», 14 marzo 2015, n. 10, p. 24. [Article]


Lolli, E., «Per trarli dalle tenebre dell’ignoranza». Nuovi documenti sulle prediche coatte agli ebrei di Lugo nel Settecento, «Materia Giudaica» XIX 1-2 (2014), pp. 103-116. [Journal article]

Lolli, E., Vita ebraica a Lugo nei verbali delle sedute consiliari degli anni 1670-1759, «Materia Giudaica» XIX 1-2 (2014), pp. 455-468. [Journal article]



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