Books within Books Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries today

Wednesday July 19, 2023
Chair Prof. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (EPHE-PSL / Oxford)
EAJS 2023 Frankfurt, from 2h00-->4h00 Sh 2.101
  • Prof. Lehnardt Andreas (Johannes Gutenberg-UniversitätMainz) : Newly discovered Hebrew Bindings Fragments from German Archives and Libraries


  • Leor Jacobi (Bar Ilan University) : Latin Fragments Matter : All Jewish documents in a 14th Century Girona Bookbindings


  • Elena Nicoletta Barile (EPHE-PSL) : Hebrew Documents and reused Fragments from the National Archives (Archivio di Stato) in Rome


  • Chiara Bennini (Fondazione San Carlo-Modena): New Hebrew Fragments in the State Archive of Modena


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