A bunch of new articles in BwB Magazine!

Saturday June 19, 2021
Emma Abate

Now on BwB Magazine:

- S. Campanini, Fragmented Readings.

- S. Emanuel, On the Alessandria folios.

- M. Perani, Fragments of the Halakhot Gedolot from a 12 th c. manuscript found in Bologna and Leipzig University Library bookbinding.

- G. Rendsburg, Hebrew fragment from Australia.

- A. Spagnuolo, The Archive of Mauro Perani Tracing Precious Hebrew Fragments in Italy.

- E. Lolli, Books within Books General Assembly June 21-22, 2021 – Conference report.

- L. Costantini, Fragmenta Iguvina and Books within Books.

- A. Breuer, Fragments of a New Manuscript of Sefer Ha-Eshkol.

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